Top Scenic Views Near Jamestown, NC

  |     |   2017

Are you ready to head out for a scenic drive or hike this weekend? With an apartment at Millis & Main, you’re in luck because nearby Greensboro is full of attractive places to take in nature. Here are some of the best views near Jamestown that you will want to check out:

1) The Greensboro Arboretum

This pet-friendly, free location changes scenery with the seasons. Come in the spring to see beautiful flowers making their debut or in the fall for fall foliage. While you can't drive through the arboretum, it's a beautiful place to take a walk, and it's known for being quite clean.

2) BurMil Park

BurMil Park has boardwalks and bridges that meander through the woods, all while being surrounded by lakes. Several of the lakes have viewing platforms that go out above the water, and these are excellent places to take in the sunset over the water.

3) Bog Garden at Benjamin Park

Explore the seven acres of natural wetlands at the Bog Garden at Benjamin Park. Along the way spot birds and wildlife that call the area home. This free garden features stone and wood paths through a forested hillside, along with wetlands and even a waterfall called Serenity Falls. Part natural space, part man made, Bog Garden is beautiful.

4) Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

Though its main attraction is the military museum, the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park also has some pretty stunning views. Well-maintained trails through the woods make walking a pleasure, and when you're done with your hike the visitor's center is full of interesting information to learn about the Revolutionary War and the area's role in it.

5) Trails Around Lake Brandt

The Lake Brandt shoreline has trails that wind through the woods. At many places along these paths, you will be able to pull off and enjoy the view of the lake. Visit at sunset for the best views, and make sure to plan another visit in the fall when the foliage is at its best.

The Jamestown and Greensboro areas are quite picturesque, with many natural and protected areas to explore. So grab your camera and hit some trails this weekend, then return home to your Millis & Main apartment to rest when you're done!

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