Best 5 Tips for Organizing Your Apartment Home

  |     |   2018

When you have limited floor space in an apartment, organization is critical to keeping your home under control. The good news for apartment dwellers is the fact that it's not too difficult to become organized with just a little bit of work. Here are some tips to embrace organized apartment living this year:

1) Keep a Seasonal Closet

Even with spacious walk-in closets in many modern apartments like Millis and Main, closet space is limited no matter where you live. Why take up that valuable space with bulky winter clothing in the middle of summer? Pack away your parka when warmer weather hits and send it to storage.

2) Build Storage Up

If your apartment has tall ceilings, utilize that space for storage. Add shelves or bookcases that reach to the ceiling, so you can maximize every spare inch of your storage area. The more things you can take off the floor and put up on the shelves, the more space you will free up in your apartment.

3) Utilize Hidden Storage

Are you making the most out of your storage options? Clean out under your bed, for example, and utilize this space for storage. Ditch one of your living room chairs in favor of a storage ottoman. Store tall items behind the couch between the wall and the back of the couch. The more hidden storage areas you find and utilize, the better your overall organization will feel.

4) Hang Bathroom Clutter

Find creative hanging options for the items you store in your bathroom. Hanging mesh storage pockets over the back of the bathroom door creates instant space for toiletries. You can even use over-the-door shoe racks for this type of storage. Use baskets and shelving above the toilet to store towels and washcloths, and hang a storage caddy over your showerhead.

5) Create a Catch-All Area

Finally, create an area in your home that can serve as a catch all. Whether it's a basket by the entryway or a shelf on the coffee table, this is the spot where the car keys, remotes and other random odds and ends are collected. By having a spot for this type of clutter, and addressing it regularly, you can avoid unwanted piles.

Staying organized is essential in apartment living. In 2018, embrace these tips to keep your Millis and Main apartment clean and clutter free!

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