Best Pool Etiquette Tips for Apartment Communities

  |     |   2018

Your new apartment community, Millis and Main, features a spectacular pool & sundeck for you to enjoy. A pool is an excellent amenity to help keep you cool in the summer while also providing a fun location for some recreational exercise. If you are planning to enjoy the pool at Millis and Main this summer, make the experience pleasant for everyone involved by following these important etiquette tips:

1. Keep It Clean

Cleanliness at the pool means different things to different people, but try to keep things clean. First, keep your stuff organized and your trash picked up. Then, make sure you keep your language and behavior family-friendly. This is not the time to practice your most risqué forms of communication, because chances are other residents may be enjoying the pool with their kids in tow.

Cleanliness can also refer to you, personally. Consider showering or rinsing off before jumping in to remove beauty products and oil from your skin. Finally, make sure your dress is appropriate for community swimming. This may not be the right place for that Speedo or barely-there suit!

2. Keep It Quiet

Yes, pool play is noisy, but make sure you are being conscientious about the community around you. Leave your loud music at home, and enjoy your play with a normal level of volume. This isn't the time to have a competition to see who can be the loudest.

3. Share the Space

A community pool is for everyone. This means that the pool, the seating and the areas around the pool are communal. Don't stake out a claim to a large area and refuse to share. Remember that the space is a shared one, and you need to be willing to share.

4. Watch the Kids

A pool is a place where kids like to congregative, but make sure you keep an eye on them. Most apartment community pools do not have a lifeguard on duty, and even if they do, it's still your job as a parent to know where your kids are and how they are playing. It only takes a few moments for a tragedy to occur when water is involved. Also, make sure your children are not intruding on the activities of others who may wish to relax poolside.

Remember, your community pool is a community amenity, and you aren't the only one who wants to enjoy it. By practicing these rules of etiquette, you can keep it a place that everyone will be able to enjoy fully!

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